Memories and Musings: Memoirs of Easaw Joseph John

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Born on the 9th of September 1929, to John Easaw, an Indian father, and Najeebah Weibber, an Iraqi mother, in the oil town of Kirkuk in Iraq, he was brought to, brought up and educated in India. After obtaining a Master’s degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Travancore in 1954, Read more...

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My Memoirs

eBookIf wishes were horses most every aspiring penslinger would ride, if not the poet’s horse, at least that of the writer of stories. But because I had once made a botch of my attempted storyline and therefore was twice shy, and yet inwardly prompted to reduce my pencil-led need, I decided to plump for the easier option of being a memoirist.

You can read my memoirs online or download the pdf version and read them offline.

Other works

Letters to the Editor

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Articles that I had written for the Y's Men International, a service organisation of which I am a member. View the Articles >>

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